ATHC4242, ATHC4444, ATHC4646, ATHC4848
4 Person, Individually Adjustable Table

This unique design allows patients/residents to sit with other people and have their table top at the proper height and depth specifically for them without affecting any of the other three people.  Each one of the individual table tops is adjustable 2 ways: up and down (from 27” to 37”), and in and out (adjustable in depth by 7”) with locking handles for safety and ease of use.
The curved leg bases on the floor allows the resident to simply swivel away from the table without having to back up first.

There are 4 different sizes available:

  • Model ATHC4242:  Overall size of 42” x 42” opening to 49” x 49” with each individual table 17” x 23”
  • Model ATHC4444:  Overall size of 44” x 44” opening to 51” x 51” with each individual table 18” x 24”
  • Model ATHC4646:  Overall size of 46” x 46” opening to 53” x 53” with each individual table 19” x 25”
  • Model ATHC4848:  Overall size of 48” x 48” opening to 55” x 55” with each individual table 20” x 26”

The rectangular table tops are available as follows:

  • 1/16” plastic laminate in:  Walnut, Maple or Cherry with matching 2 mm woodgrain edgeband
  • Other standard laminates are available with black, brown or beige t-mold edges

The base is made from 12 gauge steel with powder coated electrostatic paint

  • Standard finishes are Black, Silver, or Brown
  • The base has a built in transport wheel for ease of movement
  • The base comes with the Dor-Val GL1116 Table Shox:  hydraulic self adjusting glides that automatically adjust to uneven floors.

There is an optional, 14” diameter, height adjustable Lazy Susan available in laminate and edge finish to match the table tops.


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