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Metal finishes information

The fifteen standard metal finishes are available on all metal chairs, cluster units and table bases.
Standard white, while not shown, is available as well. Please refer to our price list for the pricing of all items in grade ’A’ and ‘B’ powder coats. Please refer to our price lists for set up charges on smaller quantities. Colours shown are liquid paint samples. Actual finishing is an electrostatically applied, baked on powder coat. As such, there may be slight differences between the samples shown and the actual finish. Other colours are available. Please inquire for minimums and upcharges. Plated finishes are available as well: chrome, brass, antique copper, antique brass, satin chrome and satin brass are all available. Please inquire for pricing.

Dor-Val reserves the right to make changes or alterations to the colours shown.
The finishes shown *above are digital representations of the actual colours.
While they are as accurate as the technology permits, we suggest that the colours be confirmed from actual samples.

Please contact our customer service department and we will be pleased to forward a finish card to you.

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  • White

    M200 - White

  • Satin Black (Grade A)

    M201 - Satin Black (Grade A)

  • Gloss Black (Grade A

    M202 - Gloss Black (Grade A

  • Navy Blue

    M208 - Navy Blue

  • Bronze Tone

    M209 - Bronze Tone

  • Silver

    M210 - Silver

  • Gray (Grade A)

    M211 - Gray (Grade A)

  • Forest Green (Grade A)

    M213 - Forest Green (Grade A)

  • Copper Vein (Grade B)

    M214 - Copper Vein (Grade B)

  • Silver Vein (Grade B)

    M215 - Silver Vein (Grade B)

  • Gold Vein (Grade B)

    M216 - Gold Vein (Grade B)

  • Goldtone (Grade B)

    M217 - Goldtone (Grade B)

  • Champagne

    M218 - Champagne

  • Beige

    M219 - Beige

  • Chocolate

    M223 - Chocolate